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Conor O’Sullivan
John McGrath

About The Author:

Born in Slough of Clare and Kerry parents, Conor O’Sullivan was diagnosed with cancer of the spine at the age of eighteen. Misdiagnosis and medical negligence left him confined to a wheelchair and condemned to an early death. He was admitted to a hospice and told he had only months to live, but Conor refused to die. Supported by a loving family and fuelled by Irish rebel songs and stories, he drew his inspiration from the heroes of Irish history and from the Republican struggle for independence ongoing in Ireland at the time. Conor’s battle with the cancer cells became synonymous in his mind with the struggle for Irish freedom, a cause he still believes in passionately. He survived both the hospice and morphine addiction to become an activist, first for Disabled Rights and later for Republicanism. The story of his journey is one of love, courage and despair, laced with Conor’s black humour and his obstinacy in refusing to accept the limitations of his disability.

Rebel Mind is available from Moybella Press,
(€12 plus postage: €1.90 – Ireland, €4.25 – Rest of world)

Our Own VoiceBC Our Own Voice

The Prefab Sprouts Writers’ Group were so called because they spent much of 2010
creating their literary masterpiece in a prefabricated classroom in Listowel Community
College, County Kerry. Our Own Voice is a fine and varied collection from this dedicated
bunch of FETAC Creative Writing Students.




Striking a ChordBC Striking a Chord

Striking a Chord is the response of over 40 North Kerry Writers to an invitation to put their talents to work to raise funds for a very worthy cause, that of Áras Mhuire Nursing Home in Listowel, County Kerry.

This sparkling collection is available from: €10 plus postage
€2.50 (Ireland) Rest of the world – €5



Listowel Just Write Group began life in a prefabricated cabin in the grounds of Listowel Convent, hence the title of their first collection, The Cabineers.

BC Cabineers  BC Bridge of Words  BC Hearthsong

This was followed by Bridge of Words in 2006 and Hearthsong in 2009, stories, poetry and memoir that will tug at your heartstrings and split your sides laughing in the same breath.

Just Write Creative Writers are still going strong with many of their original members still creating beautiful stories and poetry.


The Nine Daughters Creative Writing Group are nine women writers from Ballybunion Active Retirement, so called because they produced their first collection, Lifelines, in 2009 within a stone’s throw of that famous North Kerry landmark, The Nine Daughters’ Hole.

xxxxxxxxxxxx BC Lifelines            BC A Little Life Music

In the interests of gender balance, they were joined by Bill in 2014 for their second publication, A Little Life Music. Writing and art of the highest quality are showcased in this wonderful volume as these talented writers and artists capture in words and pictures, their experience of lives lived and celebrated without compromise or apology.


Tapestry of Love, Life and Spirit by Barbara DerbyshireBC Tapestry

Humour, compassion, poignancy and quiet defiance… Barbara speaks with a unique voice
and from a strong feminist perspective. Her writing is gentle and personal, light and subtle,
confident and confiding.



Available from Moybella Press – €10 + Postage

Skyland by Marian RelihanBC Skyland

The hottest collection you’ll read this year! Marian’s writing s fuelled by a fierce and burning passion, for life, for love and for her native Kerry. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


Available from Moybella Press – €10 + Postage

From the Back Window

“This collection of short stories and poetry is testament to the possibilities of living,p001_1_01 writing and loving. The Noddin’ Dogs explore and reflect upon the wealth of human experience to deliver a collection that both excites and challenges.”

Carmel Kelly – Principal, Listowel Community College

The Noddin’ Dogs…
“… will leave you helpless with laughter one minute
and wiping your tears away the next”

John McGrath – Editor


Wildflower Bouquet

“Every now and then are there little gems in life, this is one of them…” p001_1_00
“…the content of this book will grab you by the heart strings, the content of this
book will have you glued to every word.”

Michelle Anne Houlihan
Community Education Facilitator
Kerry Education Service

” These remarkable stories are testimony to the courage and endurance of the
human spirit…”

John McGrath

“The purpose of this book is to reach out to other people who may be isolated
and feeling that there is little chance of positive change in their lives…
… to help them to arrive at a place where they are ready and able to make
choices that will empower them and help them to achieve their full potential.”

Anne Dempsey